Reminder for 2018


- wake up with your alarm. don’t lie there for another half an hour. seize the day

- have a glass of water as soon as you wake up and before you go to sleep. hydrate

- stretch. do some yoga. try and do the splits or even just touch your toes. relax and meditate and focus on your breathing

- even if you’re not going out, change your clothes and your underwear. clean is always better

- go for a run. or a walk. or to the gym. even just once a week. just get outside

- read a little everyday. maybe for leisure or maybe for class. just learn

- new music is always lush. spotify, apple music, a live gig. go hear someone’s heart

- cut things out that make you unhappy. people, relationships, certain foods, habits, anything

- study hard. work hard. get it. the job, the degree, the relationship. just do it for you

- check your boobs every day. make doctors appointments

- eat a piece of fruit and veg every day. we all know 5 a day is far fetched, especially for students

- compliment people. you never know how much someone needs to hear something positive

- compliment yourself. look at yourself in the mirror and say five things you like and maybe one to improve. you can always better yourself but don’t make that your be all and end all

- a relationship should never be your everything. it’s lush to be smitten and to have someone smitten with you but be sure not to become half a person. you are a whole. reclaim your independence. learn to love your solitude

- don’t forget your friends. keep in touch with people. don’t be glued to your phone but make sure you stay in contact

- give yourself time to heal. grief is a weird thing and time isn’t always the healer. you’ll have good days and bad days and you should never feel bad for crying. it’s not over and you don’t have to move on in the way people think you should. memories are good things

- don’t put so much pressure on yourself. eat that pizza. buy that charity shop coat. there’ll always be money and there’s always tomorrow to eat a salad. calm down

- stress is the silent killer. you don’t need that first degree or that promotion. do your best and you’ll be rewarded

- say fuck it once in a while. or a lot. a couple of g&ts, a party, a new outfit

- have sex or don’t have sex. it’s a lot of fun when your needs are met and you’re enjoying yourself with someone you love or just like the look of

- withdraw consent if you get uncomfortable. at the beginning, middle, end, it’s always okay. don’t let social expectations dictate your choices. the idea of being a slut doesn’t exist unless you’re hurting someone you’ve made monogamous promises to. other than that you’re good

- get checked and be good to your body. sex is great if your mind and body are good with it too

- take photos. paint. write in a journal. document your life. you never know when you’ll need some nostalgia or a creative outlet

- families aren’t perfect but they’ll always be in your life in some way. in person or in your heart and memory. try to make them good memories. there are those without parents and siblings and grandparents who would give anything to have what you have. try a little. take the higher ground

- mental health is important. cut out anything that could contribute to its downfall. your mind’s long life is more important than temporary fixes

- listen to the people close to you. most of the time they have your best interests at heart and they’re trying to help you see what maybe you can’t. don’t take things so personally

- we’re living in a time of hate. be a ray of sunshine to this dark world. don’t seclude yourself to your own cave. that isn’t what self love is. we need to take care of ourselves first, yes, but remember to love each other too

- take one day at a time. all of this is invalid if you don’t take your time. no pressure, just self care

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