What Inspires Your Best Shots?

Inspiration is a tricky thing to grasp. When you have it, it’s almost second-nature. But when you don’t, it can feel like it’s forever beyond your grasp. But it never is. Inspiration can come and go with mood, but it’s also got its own sources. Your muses. If you’re feeling low on inspiration, then it’s worth looking at what exactly those muses are how to get use of them a lot more often.



Some of the most creative and evocative shots of all time, as well as many award winners, are of nature. Many of us have an attraction to nature that is innate. Whether it’s the curiosity involved in a personal study of an animal or a beautiful far-flung landscape. If you have access to neither, however, then look at what’s closer to home. Take the camera out when the weather takes a new turn or when the seasons shift. That sense of change and something new is great for spotting new photo opportunities.


New places are particularly great for finding inspiration, too. You don’t have to spend thousands on vacations a year, look at street photography for examples of great images you can find if you’re willing to look a little closer even in more seemingly mundane settings. The opportunity to cast a light on the underappreciated aspects of urban life is one worth capitalizing on.

Of course, people make for fantastic subject material, too. Finding the right model can work wonders for your creativity. Special occasions can be a huge source of inspiration, too. Some of the most important people to take inspiration from, however, are peers in the field. Explore portfolios, follow artists, find muses like Vittore Buzzi photographer. You can learn a lot not just from exploring your own creativity, but the work of others to go with it.


There are few better feelings than capturing a perfect candid shot. When you feel like you can’t summon up the idea of a great photo, just take your camera out with you. Good candid photography requires a few skills, such as knowing how to quickly adapt to all sorts of lighting, for instance. But once you get it right, documenting the twists and turns of life can be even more rewarding than setting up a shot that takes hours of work.


Sometimes, you just need a kick up the rear to get to work. To that end, you might find that the different challenges and competitions all across the internet might be perfect for pointing you in a direction. Many of them come with specific criteria that better hone your focus when your own inspiration isn’t helping you decide a subject, too.

There are as many different sources of inspiration as there are kinds of photographs, so if you don’t see something here that appeals to you, don’t worry about it. Look for where that next burst of creative energy comes from, divine the source yourself, and learn how to summon it at will.

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