Женствена во розово, па во класичен костим: Моника Белучи во два контрастни аутфити

Низ годините, Моника Белучи постојано наоѓа начин како да го привлече вниманието на црвените теписи и општо, секаде каде што ќе се појави.

Пишува: Црнобело

На филмскиот фестивал Сан Себастијан во Шпанија тоа го постигна со два контрастни аутфити.

52-годишната убавица се појави во розов фустан од шифон со набори и истакнат струк.

Само неколку часа порано, Моника изгледаше моќно во црн, класичен костим, бела кошула и екстремно високи Лобутинки.

Двете лица на Белучи:

Honoured: Monica Bellucci was the guest of honour as she received the prestigious Donostia Award at the 65th San Sebastián Film Festival in northern Spain on Wednesday evening

Pretty in pink: The 52-year-old Italian-born actress was a vision as she stepped out onto the stage to receive the festival's highest honour in a flowing pink chiffon gown

Greetings: She affectionately greeted actor Jon Malkovich as he presented her award to her

Body of work: The brunette beauty was awarded for her glittering, decades-long movie career

Proudly posing: The screen star posed proudly with her ornate trophy after making her speech

Natural beauty: The mother-of-two let her glossy chestnut brown waves flow down her back for the big event, while her natural beauty was accentuated with a dusting of makeup

Got it in the bag: She teamed her eye-catching ensemble with a matching small clutch purse

Photo call: Earlier in the day, the youthful Bond girl attended a photo call for the big event

Blowing kisses: The screen beauty blew kisses at gathered photographers, reporters and fans

A history of violence: During a brief press conference, she spoke about her decades-long career, and how much violence has played a role in a number of her films

Stylish: Monica looked sensational as she stepped out for the photo call in a stylish black suit

Backdrop: The coastal setting made for a stunning backdrop as Monica posed for snapshots

Shade: She shielded her eyes from the bright sunshine with a pair of oversized sunglasses

Fans: Scores of fans lined the road to catch a glimpse of the star as she posed up a storm

Shots: They stood with their smartphones raised to capture snapshots of the lauded actress

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