Why Is It Good to Have a Routine

There is one major reason why having a routine is important: To keep your spirits high on the bad days.

Allow me to explain:

When it comes to success and getting what you want you need to work a lot.

Every day is filled with hard work after hard work after hard work. And a lot of people enjoy this work, but there is one problem: The days where you feel like crap.

On the days where you feel like crap it doesn’t matter how motivated you are, how great your goals are or how grand your reason is, when you feel like crap it won’t matter.

This is the point where most goals die.

Most goals do not make it past one horrible day because the motivation sinks so low the person just quits on it.

You see this all the time with people trying to uphold a diet. One mistake, one piece of cake on the wrong day, and the entire diet is deemed worthless and is dropped.

The same thing goes for smokers and any other goals of the sort, but also for positive goals like New Years Resolutions.

Most of us are amazing at coming up with incredible goals that are high and difficult to achieve but will improve our lives tremendously, yet we can never see them through to the end simply because of these horrible days.

The only thing that makes you work through them are the routines and habits you establish before those days show up.

A routine is crucial so that you still uphold the most important tasks even if you do not feel like it.

We all brush our teeth every day without thinking about it, no matter how good or bad that day is. Having a routine that is second nature as brushing your teeth makes for a productive day even when you feel like crap.

This upholds the goals, even at the bare minimum, until another great day comes along in which you can grind out the work again.

On top of all of that a great routine will set the tone for the day right off the bat and will make less of the horrible days appear to begin with.

The first 2 hours of the day are the most important to set a great routine and to set the tone for the rest of the day.

Routines keep our emotions in check by pushing us to do more with our lives even when we do not feel like it.

Having a great routine does not matter for the days where you work anyway… it matters for the days where you do not want to lift a finger.

Set up a great routine and you will have more amazing, feel-good, productive days to reach your goals!


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