Reinvent Yourself

If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always got.

I think that quote alone sums it up pretty nicely and is the most straight-forward answer you will get.

Allow me to elaborate:

If you really want to reinvent yourself, start over and become a completely new person you must change your actions accordingly.

The truth is this: You become the person of your actions.

Meaning whatever you spent time on and whomever you spend time with, that is what will shape you day by day.

You have 24 hours every single day. Depending on how you spend those hours, your life will change and you will become a different person.

Example A: If you spend 9 hours a day sleeping, 2 hours eating and using the bathroom, 1 hour with a negative friend, 8 hours working as hard as you need to in a job you hate, and 4 hours watching entertaining TV shows then who do you think will come out of it?

You are planting seeds right now based on what you spend time on. Sleep seeds, food seeds, friend seeds, work seeds and entertainment seeds. The plants that come out of it are going to be accordingly.

You will be tired most of the days because you sleep long, will feel sluggish if you eat unhealthy foods, become more like your friend, like your life according to your job and numb your mind with TV.

Example B: You sleep 6 hours a day, spend 8 hours a day trying to have fun in a bad job until you get enough money to pursue your passion, spend 5 hours a day working on your passion already, spend 2 hours a day eating and using the bathroom, spend 1 hour with a friend who wants you to improve and 2 hours working on your body and mind.

What kind of plants will you reap from those seeds?

If you plant sh*t you will reap sh*t. If you plant work, improvement and investments you will reap results.

Meaning that if you want to re-invent yourself completely you will have to start investing your time and effort into planting the kinds of seeds that will turn you into the person of your dreams.

Just start working on it!

If you want to become a person of great physique, hit the gym once a day.

If you want to be kinder to strangers, start giving.

If you want to be a calmer person, meditate.

The point is that you must know where you want to end up before you can run towards it!

Find out who you want to be at the end of this “re-invention” and then do the things that people are doing that have those qualities.

You must spend your 24 hours in a new way for you to become a new person.


  1. I loved this post, it really is helpful!

  2. Such a great article, it's definitely true!


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