Interesting Morning Habits of Well-Balanced People

1. They get up before the sun. Grant Cardone (multi-million dollar CEO) puts this nicely: “Here's this powerful mechanism called the sun, and I whooped it this morning because I was up before it was.”Be the First One Up in Your Neighborhood If that doesn’t kick-start you with the right attitude, I don’t know what does.

Most CEOs get up before 6 in the morning. The golden hour is 5, but I have heard of people getting up as early as 3 and as late as 6, the point is that the average successful person wakes up way before everyone else.

2. Motivation for the day “Goals”. Most of these balanced people put a lot of attention on their attitude before they start anything else, and one of the biggies is writing down their goals.

They want to remind themselves of the purpose of this day ASAP, meaning they write down their life goals right away. This is why they work, why they do what they do and why they even get up in the morning.

3. Working out before anything else. Breaking a sweat and getting this task out of the way right away is a big deal for most well-balanced people. Your body needs a kick-start as much as your mind, and there is nothing better than to break a sweat as early as possible.

4. Water > Caffeine. The problem with caffeine is that it does not actually make you more awake. What it does is suppress the tiredness.

From a chemistry/neuroscience perspective what happens is that the caffeine molecules bind to receptors in your brain where usually the “tired” molecules bind to. This prevents them from being deconstructed and making you feel tired. But this also means that those molecules will stay there and multiply until later in the day, which is usually when you crash.

5. Meditation/Gratitude. Whether you believe in the countless studies about meditation and gratitude or not doesn’t really matter for why people do this. Meditation and Gratitude early in the morning are used to get into a calm, collected state.

To focus on the day ahead means taking a breather and getting in the now, especially after a 7 hour hiatus from life. Besides all the positive feelings associated with even 5 minutes of meditatin or being grateful, this is the top reason well-balanced people do either or both.

6. Making the most of their way to work. They listen to audiobooks in the car, read a book while taking the bus/train or try to make new contacts on their way to work, greeting everyone they meet.

As most of us, even well-balanced people are not productive 24/7, but you can be sure that they will try to squeeze every single ounce of value out of their day. This is done much easier in the morning where you are still motivated and feeling great!

7. They create a great attitude before they even set foot in their office. Writing down their goals, working out, meditating and making the most of their commute are all ways to get them to feel incredible every day, but successful people will even go one step further and get incredibly motivated and excited before they go to work.

They will listen to music they find amazing, practice affirmations and build their confidence with screaming out phrases like “YES I CAN” in their car. Whatever they need to do to be in a top emotional state as soon as they take their first step into their workplace that day.

8. Start with the big stuff. As soon as they step into the front door successful people are on the hunt. Instantly they look for their prey, zone in and attack it before it even has a chance to respond.

Their first prey of the day: the hardest, most disgusting and least comfortable task of the day.

As soon as they kill this prey the rest of the day becomes a piece of cake. Imagine killing a mammoth in the first hour of your day and then only needing to hunt rabbits… what an easy day that is as soon as you dealt with that mammoth.

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