Brain Hacks That Most People Don't Know

Practice makes perfect - This includes your thinking mind!

Our brain sends thoughts through electrical impulses through our neurons. When one of these neurons is used more often, to protect it a Myelin sheath is formed around the axon.

The Myelin sheath is a collection of “Schwann cells” that form around your axon and increase the speed at which electrical impulses travel in your mind.

Normally the electrical impulse travels down the axon at a constant speed, but the Myelin sheath enables the impulses to skip from the beginning to the end. In the picture above this would mean that there are jumps from the beginning of each Schwann cell to the end, instead of the impulse traveling down at a constant speed it makes a jump.

But what does all this mean?

Myelin ensures both that the electrical impulses are sent through and that active those neurons are. That being said, more Myelin increases both your ability to remember and use information.

In summary: The more often you have a specific thought the more Myelin may form increasing the likelihood that you will use this thought in the future.

The effects of which can be monumental as it puts a whole new emphasis on things like affirmations. Repeating positive thoughts over and over again thereby creates a brain-environment in which those thoughts have priority and are transmitted much more effectively!

Practice makes perfect when it comes to every one of your thoughts. What you think about therefore has a much higher role in your every day life.

Think more positive every day, force yourself to think about the good parts of life and you will strengthen those areas in your brain, making it more likely you will think more positively in the future.

You see what you believe! You can believe whatever you want and find proof for it!

Beliefs are thought of as being consequences of our experience and our pre-set minds, when in fact there are psychological phenomenon that explain that you see what you believe!

Seeing something may mean you believe it, but the opposite is also true!

The big psychological carrier for this is “The self-fulfilling Prophecy”.

The best example is as follows:

Imagine you are driving down a road and the person in front of you drives very badly. They do not uphold the speed limit, slow down and speed up, swerve a little bit and are overall just a bad driver.

If you have the stereotype belief in your mind that all women are bad drivers you will expect that bad driver to be a woman. If the driver is not a woman you instantly think about some situational explanation for why that man is driving so badly; he’s drunk, had a rough day, has more important things on his mind etc.

But when the bad driver is a woman this strengthens your belief that women are bad drivers because it is just them.

The reason for this is because your mind is constantly thinking about this stereotype and will reinforce it when you find proof but will not even remember when you were shown a counter example.

This is how stereotypes are constantly reinforced in our society today, but you can also use this to your own advantage!

What do you think will happen if you start believing the world is a fantastic, fair place and that the universe works for you not against you?

As soon as you start thinking about this your mind will be on the lookout for proof to reaffirm that you are right.

Not only will you act from that belief, but you will also start justifying the events that are not in accordance with your beliefs (cognitive dissonance) and add the ones that are to your long-term memory as proof.

This is reinforced even more through the selective attention paradigm, which shows that we block out a lot of the things we experience and have very selective attention based on our beliefs, values and what we are thinking about.

All of that being said… if you want to use this for yourself all you have to do is to think more about what you want to belief and the proof for it will show up!

Your attention will be more zoned in on it, you will justify everything that isn’t in accordance with it through cognitive dissonance, and will expect the belief to hold true and therefore make a lot of self-fulfilling prophecies.

These three psychological phenomenon work together to enable you to create any belief you want to have and make believing is seeing more than true!

The question is: What do you want to believe in?

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