6 Key Trends for Spring 2017 (plus must-have pieces)

This summer there will be biker, bomber and trapper jackets, also very popular will be softer tones of colors like pink and light blue.

1. Bomber jackets and tight ankle jeans

Just like last year, bomber jackets will be one of the most wanted fashion pieces in the next season. Especially in combination with super skinny jeans long to the ankle and cool opened boots with rock details.

2. Romantic Shirts and chokers

Biker style will dominate, but gentle, soft and feminine tones will be strong disseminated opposition. Romantic light blue shirt with dots and satin choker is the perfect spring combination.

3. Biker jacket

Maybe it should've been on the first place, but there was so much talk about it that the advantage had to be on some other different pieces side. But, biker jacket without any dilemma will be one of the biggest spring hits, H&M suggest us that even in combination with playful dress it can be WOW.


Femininity will be appreciated, and femininity is not "sentenced" only on lavish, night combinations. Casual pink hoodie with cool inscription and pleated skirt? Perfect.

5. Trapper Jacket

The legendary trapper jacket will be on the side with biker and bomber jackets. This symbol of rebel rockers from some old times will relive their second youth, if you don't have one piece in your closet, then you know what you should do! 

6. Gentle, gentle, gentler

Leisurely knitted and gentle colors. Is there better fashion recipe for early spring? Leisurely, effectively, wearable in every combination... With light blue you can't make a mistake.

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