Why Are Some Very Smart People Quiet

Why intellectual people are often very reserved?

They stay quiet because:

1. They are not interested in the subject. Most intelligent people are not interested in small-talk and will therefore not interact with people talking about pointless subjects. But, when you find something that sparks their interest, they will often speak volumes!

2. A lot of them spend their time in other places. What I mean by that is that a lot of them do not have the practice to being socially open enough to talk about any subject. Most intelligent people spend their time working, learning or studying and not hanging out with other people - or at least not as much as other people.

This makes it difficult for them to sometimes say what they think because they have no practiced talking to others or because they haven’t spent enough time with them.

3. Intelligent people love to learn. This love of learning plays a huge role when in a conversation because you learn a lot more about the other person when you listen rather than speak. Which is why intelligent people like to listen, analyze and think about what is being said rather than speak themselves.

4. They go very in depth on topics. Whereas most people are interested in the people they talk to, intelligent people are more often interested in the topic being discussed. This means they would much rather go very deep in a conversation and will try to avoid small-talk, which often conflicts with the interests others have in a conversation.

5. They are generally too kind to disrupt others. In my experience I have encountered that the intelligent people that do not talk are a lot kinder than the ones who talk a lot. They have an inner knowing that the conversation is important to others and will therefore leave the topic be, rather listening in and not speaking for the sake of others.

6. There is too much on their mind. Intellectual people think… a lot. This can become a real problem when they overthink and over-analyze everything that happens to them. This habit makes them smart, but also more likely to become depressed and it even affects their conversations.

Since they think so much they will have a hundred more important things they have to think about before they can invest their attention on the conversation. They prioritize their life after what is most important, and conversations usually do not make the cut.

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