The Secrets of Being Likable

Read this awesome quote by Maya Angelou:

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

To put it simply, people like people who make them feel good. That is the key to being more likable. Now how exactly do you make people feel good? I’ve listed a few points:

Adopt A “Giving” Mentality - This means everything from regularly liking your friends’ Facebook statuses to giving genuine compliments to your peers. Extra emphasis on genuine. People can read you when you aren’t being authentic. The other day I met someone who spoke in such a smooth and well-trained manner that I was genuinely impressed. I told them that they had such a rich way of speaking and that they emphasized pauses very well. The more honest and genuine a compliment is, the more unique it tends to be!
Make Smiling A Priority - You’ll never find a likable person who doesn’t smile often. When you greet people, express how happy you are to see them with a big smile. That’s right, show off those teeth!

Positive Body Language - Practice open body language when you are around others by not crossing your arms in conversation or maintaining eye contact.

Give People Your Undivided Attention - When you are speaking with someone make sure you aren’t distracted by anything else. Don’t even think about your phone. As human beings one of our deepest needs is to feel heard. Therefore, we strongly value those that will stop and listen to us.

Become More Open-Minded - You have to be someone who doesn’t quickly pass judgment on others. Once you adopt this mindset people will feel more comfortable approaching you because they feel like they can trust you.

Greet People By Name - We all know that feeling when someone you’ve only recently met remembers your name while addressing you with a warm smile. It feels amazing because it makes you feel special, like you are important enough to be remembered.

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