The Loneliest Thing in The World

The loneliest thing in the world is realizing that no one is there for you. I do not mean that no one will agree to help you or that you have no one that would support you, but instead the feeling that out of everyone you know and thought would understand you no one does.

When I hit my personal rock bottom I spent hours crying in despair and reached a point where I wanted to get out because I could not handle it anymore. At that point in time my whole life crashed down in front of my eyes and I needed someone to talk to about this.

Out of over 600 Facebook friends, 50 cell phone contacts and over a dozen people that weren’t even a 15-minute walk away I could not call upon anyone.

I thought I had plenty of close friends, plenty of people that would always be there for me and would always support me, but that was not what I needed at the time.

I needed someone who would understand me. And there was no one there.

Before I had felt like I had plenty of people to rely on. I was secure and comfortable and happy that I had so many important people in my life. This was what made it all the worse.

All that security, all that hope and all the connection I felt crumbled in an instant. It felt like I was on top of a skyscraper and someone pushed me off. I just fell.

I do not know any way to describe the loneliness I felt that day. But if I had to try I would say that it felt like someone ripped my heart out and laid me entirely bare.

It felt like suddenly every living being in the entire universe had died, leaving me completely alone in an unmeasurable darkness. It felt like someone letting go off your hand that you believed in with all your heart and then you falling into the void.

I do not know any other way to describe in words because it is not something that you can grasp until you lived through it (which I would not recommend).

To me the loneliest thing is the loss of all the relationships you had in your darkest hour.

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