Start Believing


Every time I read this sentence it sends shivers of excitement down my spine. Think about the impact this has:

If you believe that you can figure things out no matter what happens, then there will be no fear.

What can really happen to you at that point? Believing that you can figure anything out is so powerful that you will not have anything to worry about, because you can always figure it out!
This is the exact opposite of learned helplessness which is a determining factor in depressions and anxiety disorders all over the world. Learned Helplessness is the belief that your actions do not matter at all.

Psychologist Martin P. Seligman devoted 20+ years of his life to the research of depression and discovered this phenomenon in various studies and experiments. The basic finding of which was that if your actions did not change the outcome you learned not to try.

Believing in your power to figure things out is the undying trust in yourself that no matter how hopeless a situation may seem or how helpless you may feel, you can still figure a way out.

This belief is the essence of believing in yourself and is a common key-trait in successful people all over the world.

Everyone, no matter where they are in life, has bad and horrible days. There will come times where everything seems to go to sh*t and where nothing seems to matter anymore. It is those days that set the successful apart from the non-successful.

Because it’s those days that test our ability to work through the noise and come out on the other side or despair, give up and fall.

Believe in your ability to figure things out!

You have figured out everything so far. Every major crisis, every horrible event, every thing that went wrong was something you faced and conquered or you wouldn’t be standing here today.

You have already done so much and been through so much sh*t that there is no reason that you cannot figure out the rest as well!

I mean, think about the worst possible thing that could happen to you right now, and then see if you can figure out a way to still live a happy life.

You are more powerful than you think you are. You are smarter than you believe yourself to be. And you can solve any problem this world will throw at you. But you gotta believe it too!

Stop worrying about what might happen, believe in your own POWER and start to really get the life what you want!

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