Spring in Stradivarius: 15 Ultimate pieces under $50

This spring girls will wear leggings, skirts and jeans in 'motorcycle style', cool shirts with inscriptions, high-waisted jeans.

The new season is not that far as it seems. Fashion brands already offer us big choice of ultimate pieces for transitioning from winter to spring, one good collection, at least when it comes for low price rank, can be found on the shelfs of Stradivarius.

From these spring fashion pieces we can see which key trends will be present in the following season. There will be leggings, leather skirts and jackets in 'motorcycle style', plaid shirts will be back again, a little of retro style will be visible on the high-waisted jeans, and the whole story is rounded up with the eternal coats, simply unavoidable on rainy days, as well with cool shirts with long sleeves and sweaters with fashionable inscriptions.

15 'most hot' pieces from Stradivarius under $50, take a peak:

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