How to Increase Your Willpower When Even the Slightest Distraction Gets You to Succumb

Step #1: Become aware of when you are wasting time. Set an alarm on your phone every hour of the day that says: “Why are you doing what you are doing right now?”

This enables you to actually notice when you are distracting yourself. Most of the times you will have noticed that, after an hour or more, you might have been distracted for a while. At which point in time you already feel so bad that you want to run away from this bad feeling and distract yourself even more.

Become aware of it right away, as often as you can a day and you will have more opportunities to say NO to distraction.

Step #2: Accepting that you got distracted and that it is not the end of the world. When you beat yourself up over every little minute you waste by being distracted you will create an environment for yourself in which you do not want to stay.

Meaning that you are more likely to run away to more distractions rather than to face and fight the distractions head on. For this reason you must learn to accept that you will get distracted, and that that is okay.

It is not what you want, but it will not ruin your life. Period.

Step #3: Choosing what you want to do instead. That being said, you can easily decide to work or to get distracted once you are in a collected state of mind.

When you are not afraid of anything or have beaten yourself to a pulp, you can make a clear decision on what to do next. This is where you chose what you want.

This means that when you want to waste some time chose it! But when you know you haven’t done enough today, when you still feel like you have some energy left and when you still have things to do, then chose to work rather than to be distracted.

You are choosing already, but are doing so unconsciously. Let’s get that to be a conscious decision that you can affect!

Step #4: REWARD YOURSELF! You get instantaneous rewards whenever you distract yourself because you do not have to deal with the negativity and you get to enjoy something like a movie, video game or TV show (which are all filled with positive reinforcements).

It is easy then not to work because that is the evil thing that neither gives you joy nor anything else that is positive. So why would you purposefully chose the evil thing?

Instead make your work the good guy by rewarding yourself with amazing things when you get your work done!

If you do not feel good about it you will never do it consistently.

Step #5: Allow yourself to suck at first. This is a process more than anything. So know that you will not change from today to tomorrow.

It will take at least 66 days (scientifically confirmed to develop lasting habits) for you to remove a big portion of your distractions. And there will still be somethings left.

We are all human. No one is perfect. Accept this truth and do the best you can, grow, become better and have less and less distractions that will bother you.

Step #6: PROFIT!


  1. This is so true! Sometimes i experience bad days, so bad that i wish to run away from these problems...your advice made my day:)



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