Favorite Movies of 2016

Watching movies (for me) is the best way to entertain yourself and just make you feel like you're present in some other place and make you experience different emotions. Going to the cinema just makes me feel happy and when the movie ends I feel so inspired to do something. It also helps me being more creative. Some great actors and actresses just amaze me how well they can do their job, how they can be in tune with the movie, it feels like they are not even acting, it's like reality.

In 2016 I have seen eighty movies, or eighty movies that I actually wrote down (I might have forgotten some). From all the movies I've watched I made selection and I rated them.

I'm going to single out the ones who I really loved and enjoyed watching.

Would love to know which movies you liked in 2016!


  1. I loved Deadpool and Dirty Grandpa. I need to watch some of the others on this list!

  2. Oh wow, you saw quite a few more new releases than I did. I'm keeping these in mind now and I'll be keeping an eye on the Oscar nominees when they come out too.

  3. Some great movies here. Nice to see an Irish movie included.(Sing Street) My nephew almost got the role in this film . He was shorted listed to last two but alas....

  4. I was expecting Deadpool to be awesome but not as awesome at it turned out to be! I definitely enjoyed the movie, it was refreshing and pretty cool too! I can't wait for the next one. It was an amazing year for movies!

  5. I've recently bought "Captain America" in dvd, but I haven't watched it yet - my free time is very limited in the last 6-7 months. I am sure I will enjoy it! I will make sure to buy some other movies from your list - like "Central Intelligence" and "Collateral Beauty".

  6. 80 movies! That insane! I think Deadpoll was a LOT of people's favourite film this year, it's definitely changed the quota for Superhero movies now.


  7. I need to see how to be single it looks and sounds right up my street so going to actually get it bought

  8. I like captain america! I didn't get to see mothers day but i really want to.

  9. We really enjoyed several of these movies. However we still have a long list of releases we missed. For instance Fantastic Beasts was only in the theater like a week here. So now I have to wait for it to come out on DVD or Download.

  10. I only saw a small fraction of these movies last year. My husband and I saw "The Nice Guys" and REALLY liked it. Hadn't heard of it before, but it was a good date night flick! :)

  11. Oooh! Great movies you've listed! I love going to the movies too. We go about once every two weeks or so. From your list, here's what I saw:

    Rogue One - AWESOME
    Passengers - AWESOME
    The Accountant - AWESOME
    Deadpool - AWESOME
    Captain America - GREAT
    Allegiant - GREAT
    Arrival - OKAY
    Fantastic Beasts... - OKAY
    Finding Dory - AWESOME
    Doctor Strange - AWESOME
    Suicide Squad - AWESOME

    I want to see Me Before You as I have read the book... but future hubby didn't want to see it as it was a chick flick. Haha! Maybe on Netflix!!! :)

    I'm also up to seeing Assassin's Creed and Moana. (I know, 2 totally different movies. Haha).

    This year, I really want to see Logan, Star Wars, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Justice League, Fifty Shades Darker... and so much more. I'm mad&sad that the last installment of the Divergent series is coming to TV and not the movies... boo!!!

    1. Yaay! I'm exited for those future movies too. But next movie I wanna see is La La Land, because haven't got the chance yet :)

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