A Mastermind Group

A mastermind group is a collection of highly motivated, successful and/or intelligent people that come together to push each other to be their best and to push further in life.

Usually these are people on your level that are incredibly motivated and just want more out of life.

Then, the higher that you get, the more motivated the individuals become and the more driven they are.

During mastermind meetings you take turns discussing the week, goals and problems you are encountering and every person is bringing something to the table.

Since everyone has a different point of view you get a lot of incredible value from this and give amazing value as well.

The group keeps you accountable, pushes you to do what you need to do instead of what you want to do and will not allow you to lie to yourself.

This makes this group especially powerful in solving problems and finding new ways for you to grow.

In high-levels mastermind groups are used push businesses with a lot of highly intellectual individuals coming together to discuss the companies future aspirations, goals and the current problems. They meet once a day or once a week, really moving the company forward as a whole every time.

But if you are not operating on that level yet then the mastermind groups you will encounter are groups that help you grow as a person!

I was part of many mastermind groups but the best ones were groups that were open, in which we joked and were very serious but only had a few high-performing members.

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