A Life Worth Living

Nothing makes life worth living. The fact that this is even a question underlines the lack of life itself to provide a natural answer.

You can say: sex, children, a flower, a rainbow, the feelings of success , etc. But all of that lasts moments.

Most of life is a sentence of failures and pains, punctuated with only the briefest of moments of happiness.

While this seems overly pessimistic, it’s not. Think of your own life. Today I sleep, eat to satisfy hunger, go to the bathroom, do my job, deal with people I don’t always like and occasionally have a good laugh or read a book or kiss someone.

Again: seems depressing. So I’ll continue.

If you weren’t alive, what’s the big deal. Either there’s some sort of cool science-fiction-like afterworld. Or there’s nothing. Either way, it further makes our time here useless.

And why should our species be any better than any of the other billions of species on Earth. Our ants happy spending their entire lives just building ant farms and collecting food and then dying? Because that’s all we are: but with bigger brains (which means more anxieties and insomnias and mental illnesses).

It’s not depressing because it is what it is.

One thing that makes life worth living is that it’s really hard to kill yourself.

I know one person who shot himself in the head through the mouth (the most effective way).

He ended up with his face destroyed, one eye missing, and paralyzed.

To be fair, he married his nurse and now seems happy.

I know many people who tried to kill themselves with pills and failed. There’s no guarantees on how to kill yourself.

But you will paralyze yourself and make the next 60 years of your life miserable. The worst. So don’t do it.

Here’s what I do to make life worth living for me.

Every day:
  • freedom
  • competence
  • relationships
Improve 1% every day my ability to enjoy the above three things.

Perhaps with freedom I can either make more money or lower my expectations. Both of those buy me more freedom.

With competence, I can try to get better at the things I love doing.

And with relationships, I can spend time with my children, friends, or people I like to kiss.

If I do those every day, it makes life incredible. I don’t know if that means it’s “Worth” it. What does “worth” mean.

Today I’m incredibly content. Yesterday was hard for me. And maybe tomorrow will be. But all I have is right now.



  1. I'm not sure if I understood it correctly. But for me life is worth living, because it's life... the fact that you're breathing and can do things that make you happy makes it worth the life that you have right now.

  2. We all have to make life worthy. Worthy to live and to continue living. Step back and enjoy or having goals are really important things to keep in mind!

  3. This is very thought provoking. As you said even if we make 1% of what we really want everyday life will be worth living, ultimately.

  4. YESI I agree life can seem meaningless unless we know its Author and find meaning and joy in the small things every day :) There is much to be grateful for!

  5. Very deep... life can get hard at times and when I was a teenager, I used to think everything was the end of the world, but now, I feel like I'm very lucky with all that I have :)

  6. What an insightful post! The example of ants was very spot on. Focusing on three things instead of wanting everything at once seems to be a good idea, and definitely a s.m.a.r.t one.

  7. This is a great post. I think everyone has to find their own reasons. There's no standard answer that works for everyone.

  8. Now that's good food for thought , it's sad to think how people can find it difficult to live but freedom is a great thing to live for

  9. I think that life is made out of moments. They are the ones that count and if you don't motivate yourself and get out of the house, you will not experience these moments. And that's when depression comes knocking at your door.

  10. This is great food for thought! I think "worth" is in who you are talking to. A life worth living to me is making moments with my children, my husband, my friends and family. I want to leave this world with no regrets and experience everything fully that I can. That means not letting the little stuff get to me, traveling the world, and not living in fear.

  11. I really like your post. I agree that freedom and relationships make life worth living. We live for our friends, our family and ourselves

  12. I really like your post. I agree that freedom and relationships make life worth living. We live for our friends, our family and ourselves

  13. Well, life is a complicated thing...or you can say life is very simple. You just have to find your purpose and, I guess, you have to find people that make you feel loved. And, most of all, you have to love people and you have to treat everyone else the way you would like to be treated. The golden rule that makes life more simple.

  14. Agree one becomes more happy if spent with loved ones and there's something which keeps you motivated

  15. Life is what you make it. I honestly think positive thinking and a motivated attitude make all the difference.

  16. Life is what you make it. I honestly think positive thinking and a motivated attitude make all the difference.

  17. Love this post and love the photo. Live is definitely what you make it.

    Ami xxx

  18. All we have is right now...so true. Life truly is made of moments - good and bad. And from the "bad" you can often find good...

  19. This is exactly why I don't sweat the small things. Life is short, so we might as well enjoy it!



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