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Creating goals is one of the more important parts of any persons organization ambitions. If there are
not goals in both long and short term form, then you will generally be setting yourself for failure. Even if they seem meaningless to you, there has to be a set of goals in place that will allow you the chance to see what it is that you want and need to do in the immediate future as well as what to do later down the road. We will look at the many aspects that should be looked at when talking about setting goals and making them actually happen.

Why making goals is important

The obvious answer to this question is that without goals, there is a world of trouble that you are
setting yourself up for. Knowing what your long and short term goals are will give you an idea of the
picture that you need to take in getting your goals met. The next few areas will show you the things
that you can do to attain your goals and to make the most out of a bad situation.

How making goals can help you become organized and stay that way

When you make goals, you are setting into motion a plan that you are going to get things
accomplished. This is generally not a very hard concept. To get used to many times for a person that
is serious about setting goals and making sure that they happen. When you manage to accomplish this, you can't help but feel that you have reached a milestone in your life.

A goal helps you organize that portion of your life. If you make a weight loss goal you will become
more determined to eat healthy and exercise. This should help you organize your life by getting you to exercise, eat better, get more sleep and have a healthier lifestyle.

How to make long term and short term goals

When deciding on your goals you need to decide what is a long term goal and what is a short term
goal. Take the time to write out what you want in different areas in your life. Break each area down
into long and short term goals.

For example, say you have a goal of being a better painter. Now you need to break this down into
long and short term goals. So you need to ask yourself what different ways you can reach the goal in
question. When you know many different answers, decide which answers you will invest time in and
create some goals. Some short term goals could include studying great paintings in art galleries,
online and in books, practicing painting more often and making time for your art. A long term goal
could be to take painting classes locally or even to get a mentor to work with you one on one.
Once this has been accomplished, it is time to then simply implement a plan that will help you to
make sure that you reach these goals. Too often a person will get distracted and allow themselves to
simply give up on their goals and then lose sight of what they wanted to accomplish.

How to break each goal down into more manageable chunks

When you get to the point of making these goals, you need to be able to break them into tiny chunks
that are a lot more manageable. When we are able to break things down like this, we can see that the
overwhelming goals that we once had become a lot more manageable and can often lead to us feeling
that we can overcome the world.

In the above example we had short term goals like studying other art and painting more often. Now
your goal needs to be more specific, like going to an Art Gallery once a month and enjoying paintings
once a week online, in books or in other locations. If you only paint when you feel creative you may
want to set a goal to paint for at least 2 hours a night, 3 days a week.

The above example had long term goals as taking a class finding a mentor. You can break that down
into deciding what is best for you, a large class of people or one on one instruction. If you decide to
take a class your next goal is to research all the local options and make a decision. If you want a
mentor, this could prove to be more difficult. You will need to create a portfolio of your work,
understand why you want a mentor, what you would get out of this relationship, what they would get
out of the relationship, figure out who you want to work with, form a plan of approach and how to
convince them they want to help you.

A world without goals is not a life that is going to lead anywhere. In order to make any type of
progress, we need to have a road map that will allow us the chance to get there. Once we do that, we
are able to see that the goal of organization will become a lot more attainable and will not be as
difficult as we once thought it would be. The main thing that we need to have is a positive attitude and the willingness to make subtle changes that will be towards a positive outcome.


  1. Nice life tips ! I believe too that goals are important to keep moving, but it also has to be something you enjoy and are willing to do. We've setup some goals with my boyfriend about writing. We love writing together and it help us to go further !

    1. I'm glad you enjoy while doing it :)

  2. I need this! I've bookmarked it. Im great at making goals, but actually carrying them out is something different. I make long lists which are unrealistic and then get disheartened.

  3. I should really apply this to my blogging goals. I have a tendency to forget my goals and fall back into my routine.

  4. Totally agree, people need to realize the importance of setting goals and I hope more people will read your post, great job.

  5. I agree with you that goals help so much! they make you accountable, I'm always setting goals for myself : )

  6. I agree! I needed all of these tips! Sometimes you need to shake up your routines and goals and set them higher to see results!

  7. I always set goals to work through my daily routine and help me manage things realistically. I always have so much to do but enough time in the day to do them, setting goals helps me feel a little more in control.

  8. I think setting goals are a must, however I think you need to also remember that not everything goes to plan. Life changes, interests can change, and it's okay to go off the path because it could lead you somewhere far better :)

  9. I am all over planning and making goals. I thrive with them... and feel lost without. :)

    1. I'm glad you have a organized planning :)

  10. Goals are super important. I love to create a list of goals for not only each year but each month and sometimes each week. These are great tips on goals!

  11. Setting realistic goals is definitely a start, I always feel lost and struggle without goals thanks for the advice.

  12. Studies show that people who write their goals down are more likely to achieve them. :-)

  13. I always feel like I make goals that are too broad. I think it's super smart to break the goals down into achievable tasks... I love lists! :)

  14. I need to start writing down my goals and making them more achievable too. Great list

  15. That's why I have daily checklists! Very useful! I still have to work on the long term ones though :P

  16. This post was made for me! Only recently i have realize how important it is to have goals - both short and long time ones. If there's only a long time goal, it's rather frustrating so you need to figure out how to achive it strep by step and have those smaller goals as well.

  17. I used to be so naturally organized but I have noticed that it is no longer effortless. These are great tips to stay ontop of things.

  18. I have something a bit similar and I try to achieve my goals by breaking it down. When I do achieve one it really feels great that I tackled something.

  19. Yep absolutely agree, I feel lost without having goals to work towards. It definitely helps us to stay focused and organized.
    xx, Kusum |


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