How To Organize Your Life Starting Today // Identifying Your Problem Areas #1

How To Get Started on Organizing Your Life

If you are one of those people that find yourself saying that you need more organization in your life, then this blog post series is perfect for you. More times than not, there will be a point in your life that you will say you need to get organized and not let the lifestyle that you live get the best of you. When you see yourself at this point then it is time that you take measures that will allow you to see the many benefits that will come from a session of getting organized. Let's take a moment to look at this and why it is so vital that it be part of our life.

Organization will be the one thing that separates you from being on the edge of not knowing what is going on at any one moment in your life. In the fast-paced world that we live in, being organized will be a crucial part of not getting buried under all the stuff that is in our life. When we take the time to organize things, we all find ourselves in a position that allows us to be more efficient and productive for the most part. Getting to the point of being organized is the most important part of the whole process. When organization is present in our life, we find the other parts of our life will fall into place.

When we finally reach that point that we decide that it is time to get organized we will often be a touch confused and misinformed about the whole process. Many people will see the things that they do as being organized, when in reality it is far from the case. It is vital that you sit down and develop a plan as to how you plan on getting organized. The quicker that you do this, then the faster that you can put this plan into motion and see results begin to flow in slowly.

Enacting this plan will be a crucial stage in getting the process rolling. Often the procrastination that we allow ourselves to experience will generate a lot of the roadblocks that we discover in our life.

Roadblocks that are of a small nature can easily be overcome, it is the larger ones that you need to look at closely and see for a fact that they are not allowing you to reach your full potential. The sooner that you begin to stop procrastinating, then the sooner that you will begin to see the things that you need to become highly organized.

Organization is the one area that a person will have a great amount of difficulty with. If they are patient and willing to go through the hard process of getting organized, then they will see their efforts begin to pay off. A little progress is all you will generally need to get the ball rolling and to see your efforts come to fruition. Planning and motivation will be the two main allies that you will have in getting organized and on the right track to being more productive.

So how do you get started? Right now – read the rest of the post. Find about different ways to organize your life and start implementing some a few at a time. Come up with a plan of attack – how do you want to get organized? What is the best way for you to go about this?

To make a plan you are going to need to understand what part of your life is the most disorganized and which parts do not need a lot of work. Some people need a little work in many areas of their life whereas others have a few problem areas. Part of learning to organize your life involves being able to analyze who you are and what it is that you want to change. Let’s Get Started!

Identifying Your Problem Areas

People are very different in a lot of ways, the same can be said when it comes to being organized. There are a number of reason why this will be the case. Just like people are different in the way that they will do a certain task, the same can be said when procrastinating about getting organized. The following are a few of the reasons that a person will procrastinate in getting organized. You may find yourself in one of the three reasons listed or may discover that you fit into a whole new reason why getting organized is difficult.

They feel like they thrive in chaos

There are those that will not be happy unless they are in a world of chaos and unsettled. These people will say that when they are like this is when they are organized and that without the chaos, they will not be able to be as productive. These people can walk to a pile of papers and pull what they need up in a matter of seconds. While others will look at this and see a massive mess that has no way of being organized. If you are the type of person that feels you work best under pressure, this might be the type of person you are. Do the question is do you really find your success in stressful and high paced situations, or is this just when you work the hardest? This is something you should think about in regards to organizing your life – when you are trying to change for the better, you need to understand the things that really work or you, or if you just believe they do because you have always don them that way.

This will lead us to talking about the other type of people and that is the people that hate the use of a schedule.

They hate schedules

Schedules are a very important thing to have in a person’s life. With that being said, there are those that will still refuse to keep on regardless of the benefits that come from them. They like to run by the seat of their pants and really do not have a need for a schedule. They will go from moment to moment and will otherwise feel comfortable just taking things as they come. The use of schedules can be a very good thing in keeping a person on target and not allowing them to get distracted and wander from what they need to be doing.

They like living for the moment

As mentioned before, there are those that live for the moment and let things just fall where they may. To these people, there should be a bit of congratulations that are sent their way. For those that are well organized, this can be an exercise in frustration watching them just go from moment to moment.

If one of these people took the time to stop what they were doing and allowed themselves the chance to become organized, then they would see the many benefits that come from having a series of tasks that they are able to get accomplished.

These are just three oversimplified examples of why some people may have a problem getting started on organizing their life. You may fall into one of those categories, if you do, you know what you need to work on now. If you don’t relate to those examples, you know what to avoid in the future.

Once you have discovered your problem areas, then the rest of the steps will be a cake walk for the most part. Having this knowledge will empower a person to be a lot more organized and allow them the chance to see that there is a world out there that will keep them from wandering around in a haze most of the time wondering how to become more efficient. This is not a difficult thing to do; it will just require a little patience.

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  1. I agree that identifying the issues or problem areas are definitely a good step to help with organization. Great post.

  2. Thank you for this post, I needed to read this! XX

  3. Interesting post David, as I'm a chaotic person. I have schedules and keep to them, but I do have a messy desk and an unstructured workplace. Anyone who knows me will tell you how incredibly productive I am! I'm also a night owl, and that's supposed to be bad for me as well ;)

  4. Great Post, I like to think i'm fairly organised but a lot of the time i find it difficult to balance everything a need to do. I'm one of those people who is forever making lists and timetables but never sticking to them!

  5. I think a little bit of chaos is good in our lives. I organise my work but I also leave space for creativity. I do make lists for the things I have to do but I also do spontaneous things.

  6. I am a complete scheduler and don't know how to fly by the seat of my pants very well. I am learning but I agree that you need to have structure to stay organized!

  7. I'm a Type A - a big organiser and I love this so much!! Superb article :) I love you have structured everything!

  8. Schedules are definitely important. We had schedules for our kids when they were barely 6 weeks old but it helped keep all of us going! I can't live without schedules and my planner!

  9. Though a little chaos may bring excitement, i still prefer to Be organized. Being organized then lead me to know more what I want, when can I achieve what I want, and what to do to achieve those. Simply put, being organized gives me direction. I always have with me my planner. Life is easy when everthing else is written..

  10. I've love reading through this post! I laughed when I read:

    "They like living in the moment: For those that are well organized, this can be an exercise in frustration watching them just go from moment to moment."

    This couldn't have explained my boyfriend or I more perfectly if it tried! I might have to send him this article ;-) Thank you so much for the good read!

  11. I enjoyed reading this because I think the "Problem Areas" is ME. LOL. It's really hard for me to be organized. I guess I need to be organized now and start with cleaning my bedroom. LOL. Thanks for this! :)

  12. I agree that we need to have structure to stay organized! Thanks so much for sharing!

  13. I love schedules. I love planning, I am a real organized person. That's so much easier for me, than to deal with my life without schedules. I use my agenda, my phone to plan meetings, I use alarms, clocks, my watch with peeps... I have so many tricks to keep it organized. My fiancé sometimes get crazy hahah.

  14. This is something I am working on in my own life. Routine, and balance between work & social life. You have some really great advice and perspectives here. Thank you for sharing!

  15. I'd say living for the moment is living without a plan or goals, and working without schedules do result in being less productivity. Both are mindsets that need to be changed.

  16. I struggled on organization and luckily found my way how to fix it. Identify both weakness and strength will make your life organization way better! ;)

  17. IMO, the diverse approaches people do to put a semblance of order in their life will be worthless, without discipline.

  18. Hmmm, I don't find myself unorganized, but I can definitely use some methods to become MORE organized. I don't feel like I thrive in chaos, there is constant chaos around me and I can still manage to be fairly organized. I think it all depends on personality. So will next week have more tips?

    1. Yes every week new post in this blog series. :)

  19. Hmmm, I don't find myself unorganized, but I can definitely use some methods to become MORE organized. I don't feel like I thrive in chaos, there is constant chaos around me and I can still manage to be fairly organized. I think it all depends on personality. So will next week have more tips?

  20. Wow , let me say first , you can tell by your website , how perfectly organized you are ! I HATE schedules , I HATE organizing , I LOVE a bit creative chaos around myself :) I think , this is a kind of genetic issue , LOL . I am a little bit chaotic and at times very creative , got a good age now ,think I 'll just leave it the way it is . But I take my hat off for this great post , and for your site !!!

  21. Thank you for these amazing tips and suggestions, I think they will be very helpful. I am the least organized person on this planet, so I definitely need to try to follow your example! Thank you.


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