Myths About New Year's

New year, new me. Bluh-bluh. I personally don't believe in that, we are still the same person even in the new year. There are some people who make new years resolutions and then not achieving them in, and the disappointment begins. I'm not saying not to make plans about the future and try to fulfill them, but just don't make so hard for yourself. Because it's just a new year, after all, everything you need to do is work harder if you want the new year to be better.

"New Year Is A New Chapter"
This is the biggest myth ever that I believed when I was younger. I don't think that a new year means a new beginning or new part of life. Not that we can't make some changes in our lives even tomorrow, we don't have to wait for the new year! I used to believe as younger that the new year really meant something new, different, better, greater. But that doesn't necessarily mean that. Today new year for me it's just another new day.We can make it a special year, of course, if we work hard enough and we believe in ourselves bigger enough. Just dedicate to do better and do it, that's how the new year will be special and awesome.

"I'm Gonna Change"
For someone, this is going to work out, but not for all. Your success and happiness lies in you, I stand by that, but at the same time not all of us finds it. We may change for worse too, like to be lazier, eat more and other bad habits that we'll maybe do in the new year. My opinion is that we should focus on being healthier and more self-confident because that is what matters to us. Also, don't forget to be kind, and spend more quality time with your family! For me, that's really important.


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