Christmas Wish List

No matter if I get a small or big gift I always get nicely surprised especially for Christmas. I delight in Christmassy presents, I love when the whole family is festive during the Christmas time. We all have a wish list for Christmas, even though sometimes we don't get the gifts we wanted. I created a Christmas wish list [some of the items are more expensive, but yes I'm just wishing].

Camera Lens
I love photographing everything and everywhere, I don't go out without my digital camera. I also like filming around and then editing the videos. It's a great hobby, but too expensive if you want to buy a new lens, lighting or camera body.

I wanted the GoPro Hero 4 for a few months, but I never bought it. The reason why I never bought it before is because I bought laptop & I didn't have any money left. If you want to be in my bae squad I'm waiting for your Christmas gift [wink].

Photo: CNET.
I have like four headphones, but still I don't have Beats, I love the design and the look of the Beats, I would really like to own one.

I love buying tech items, even though some of them are luxurious and expensive. I chose also more affordable gifts: CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR HIM


  1. A GoPro is something I'd definitely want on my wishlist too! They look like such good action cameras!

  2. I've tinkered with the idea of a GoPro as well

  3. The GoPro sounds exciting, but I think a nice camera lens can be even better!

    Kosta // Cool Gear Cavalier


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