Winter Is Coming

We had so much fun today, we went to our [holiday] house on the mountains because yesterday there was snowfall. My whole family loves snow and mountains, and I remember I was spending months in our house on the mountain as a kid. Our [holiday] house is thirty-forty minutes away from the town where we live, so we go often.

I don't like being cold at all, but when there is fun and laugh I forget about all of that coldness and I focus on how family is important and every moment spend with them is valuable, we need to enjoy it as much as we can. Moments like that happend today, we went to the mountains and I enjoyed in the beauty of it even I was cold, I tried not to think of that.

Kids playing in snow.
That's me. Feeling cold.
Just like I do everytime when I leave my home, I took my camera and I capture everything around me. Which also inspired me to write this blog post.

I hope you enjoyed in the photos that I captured, and that you love winter as much as I do. By the way, expect christmas/winter posts. I can say that this may be my favorite time of the year.

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